Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kurloz Makara Sugar Skull

This is the result of my first time using Adobe Illustrator and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with it.  My drawing, that is, not the program.  Adobe is insufferable.  I used the arc tool to make nearly all the lines, then opened the file in Adobe Photoshop so I could put the colour in.  To make it into a PNG file, I took a screenshot.  The only good things about Adobe programs are the loopholes that can be manipulated...

Anyway, I present to you Kurloz Makara, Prince of Rage.  This was created for an assignment to create a sugar skull (como las calaveras de azúcar que son utilizadas para los celebraciones del día de Muertos).  Since Kurloz' appearance is similar to those of costumes worn during Mexico's Day of the Dead festival, I thought it would be fitting to use his adorable skeleton face for the sugar skull drawing.


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