Thursday, June 7, 2012


 Aradia Megido

 Tavros Nitram

 Sollux Captor

 Karkat Vantas

 Nepeta Leijon

 Kanaya Maryam

 Terezi Pyrope

 Vriska Serket

 Equius Zahhak

 Gamzee Makara

 Eridan Ampora
 Feferi Peixes

 God Tier Vriska
 Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, Vriska's ancestor

 Neophyte Redglare, Terezi's ancestor

Orphaner Dualscar, Eridan's ancestor

I drew all of the trolls from the webcomic Homestuck (created by Andrew Hussie) in Corel Painter XI just for fun.  I used the tool DigitalColor Meter for reference and revised these pictures a lot in order to create sharper and better quality images with well-defined colours.

1 comment:

  1. I have never seen this Homestuck webcomic, but the characters look hilarious, and I think you portrayed them well. They are smooth, and blend will with the background color. Good work!